DJ/Producer since 2000 and owner of the (now deceased) Deus Ex Machina label and Sifrec. Goal is to bring spellbound and wonder back into the freeparty music. With a flair of drama and a dirty beat. 7 releases in 2 years and still going strong!

As a DJ: I play mostly old acidtekno starting 1995 till about 2003, my own productions (released and unreleased), and some seriously good mental stuff that has been produced by producers these days (also dubs and unreleased stuff)!

As a liveact: I make psychedelic music that sounds old and fresh at the same time, bombastic, slow burning and in the end; to the point. I’ll let the music speak for itself.

Starting 2012 he manages a wicked liveset with oldschool acid, industrial, tekno and tribe influences.



  • Sifrec 001
  • Sifrec 002
  • Acidz 001 – Locked in syndrome EP
  • Obs.Cur 008
  • Kubizm 001
  • Cerebral Noise 003
  • Mackitek HS 003
  • Teknosucks (Forthcoming)

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