I was born in Palermo on February 1980. I started making music at the age of 6 with a guitar, later i studied classical music and played in many small metal, punk and rock bands. I approached electronic music, electro and ambient in 1998. After this i decided to buy my first machine and started to make electronic music. In 1999, i made a background music for a picture gallery (graffiti art) and for a theatre show (gli occhi dei lemuri) written by gaetanoprovenzale.com In 2001, i went to Dresden, Germany, in order to have a better possibility to make music and here I created my label Analog Tecne Model and made music together with FormatC and Aka-electronix,often on Monotonsystem and Daimon sound. Here i started to collect many Atari (falcon030, megast, 1040 etc.) and with them I learnt all about sequencing. Some of my tracks have been released on HardfloorRecords, Protoprod, Astraltek, Dramfank, Umlaut Musik, Rehkold Records, Trinacria…


Synthesizer : Paia Theremax, 3 x Atari STfm, Akai SG01, Doepfer A-100, Curetronic.com, Atari Falcon 030, Transistor Bass 03, Electribe EA, Commodore 64 (Prophet64/Mssiah), BingBong (diy), Bummms (diy), Acid Fist (diy), Noise Squirt (diy), Ultrasonic Sender (diy), Ultrasonic Receiver (diy), Gameboy (diy)

Drum Machines : Roland TR7X7, HDBSyncussionDRM1, Jomox Mbase01, Electribe ER

Filter, FX & Processor : Metasonix RG53, Boss SX700, VermonaE 2010, STDsV1 “Slut Slanter” (diy), STDsV2 “Feedback Heaven” (diy), MAMMap1

Sequencer & Sampler : Steinberg SMP24, 2 x Atari Mega ST2, Atari Falcon 030, Akai Mpc 2000XL MCD

Mix & Master tools : Aphex Aural 204, Mackie CR1604, Allen&Heath WZ³ 16:2, SPL Dynamaxx 9735, MOTU Pre8, Steinberg FDI & FA8, Auralex Acoustics, Powermac G5 ,Vovox Cables

Misc : Yamaha E-Guitar, Concert Guitar, Xylophone, Snare Drum and Cymbals

Software : Samplitude V.8.2, Ableton Live 8.2, Audio Desk , Acemidi 1.10, Notator SL, Cubase Audio Falcon, Session Partner

I also spin record, but not cd i dont like it at all :)


  • ATM01
  • ATM02
  • ATM03
  • ATM04
  • ATM05
  • ATM06
  • ATM07
  • TRN00
  • TRN01
  • TRN02
  • TRN03
  • TRN04
  • HardFloor0 6
  • HardFloor0 7
  • Protoprod 34
  • Dramfank 02
  • Daimon Sound System 01
  • Rehkold 03
  • Umlaut Musik 01
  • ATMCD 01
  • Restless Legs Syndrome 01
  • other to come ;)

you can find me also on :

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