25eme Dimension


My passion is floating between heaven and earth to find a little moment of ecstasy, musique in this hypnotic form it’s a door to go beyond the sensorial perceptions ,same as in a trance ceremony in other ancient cultures .

Music is for Dancing and Dancing it’s to escape out from your body.
Hypnosis it’s a ritual …

Lost in sound to the deep inside if you seek the light .
From the beginning in 2001 with my first liveset to now 2011,  after 10years I understand slowly what is behind the musical act.

Now i want to share this with you .

Gear: RS7000 yamaha /ES 1 KORG /Studio quad digitech /mackie VLZ 1604 /it’s variable i can’t use other machine for different live

Gear i use in the studio :microphone,hydrophone ,analog synthesizer ,home made synthesizer ,circuit bending ,piezo music ,musical instrument (percussion ,lute ,Asian central and persian instrument ,african kora ,ney ,home made instrument…)


  • beast 14
  • Revelation
  • 25eme dimension 01 at 09
  • SPIRIT SERIES one :Lambda, Sigma, Delta
  • OMrec : 00 at 03
  • Neurotrope 01
  • Static travel 01
  • Mouvement perpetuel 00
  • ALzheimer 01 at 02
  • and lot of others …